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The Do’s and Don’ts of Invisalign

January 4, 2024

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Have you been seeking a subtle teeth-straightening option to give you a more uniform and aesthetically appealing smile? If so, you should consider Invisalign treatment. Its clear aligners discreetly realign teeth, offering convenience over traditional braces. However, maintaining effectiveness requires careful tray care. If you are unsure how to do so, keep reading for the doss and don’ts that will help you to preserve your aligner trays.

DO Remove Invisalign for Meals

To safeguard your aligners from discoloration and damage, it’s best to refrain from eating while wearing them. Take them out before meals and store them securely in their case to avoid accidentally throwing them away.

DON’T Let Invisalign Dry Out

For optimal results with your Invisalign treatment, it’s crucial to wear the clear trays consistently for a minimum of 22 hours daily. Avoid leaving them out for prolonged periods as they may dry out, increasing the risk of damage.

Dry aligners are prone to cracking and can foster the growth of harmful bacteria, potentially impacting the health and appearance of your gums and teeth. By adhering to this regimen, you can ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your treatment.

DO Soak Invisalign Daily

While maintaining consistent wear of your aligners is essential, it’s equally vital to remove and soak them daily. Extended wear can result in the buildup of food particles and unwanted germs, posing hygiene concerns. Using a dedicated cleaning solution, like Invisalign cleaning crystals, helps effectively eliminate harmful microbes without compromising the integrity of the aligners’ plastic material.

DON’T Smoke with Invisalign

Mixing tobacco use with oral health is typically not advisable, and transitioning to vaping doesn’t provide significant safety benefits. Nicotine present in tobacco products can cause a hazy film and unpleasant smell on your Invisalign trays. Furthermore, it can damage your teeth by restricting blood flow and oxygen levels, hindering the delivery of essential nutrients by your body.

Proper maintenance of your Invisalign aligners is essential to preserve their condition and ensure effective treatment for a straighter smile. Basic practices like removing aligners during meals, storing them securely, and daily soaking can greatly impact treatment outcomes. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll play a key role in achieving lasting success with your smile transformation!

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