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3 Dental Trends That Are Likely to Emerge in the Next Decade

June 8, 2023

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Dentistry is a growing and transforming industry. Whether it is the technology used, scientific discoveries, or treatment options that make up these changes, it should come as no surprise that new developments are on the horizon. But which ones are likely to make their way into the dentist’s office? A local expert shares their opinion on three of the most expected dental trends that will emerge in the next decade.

Added Convenience with Teledentistry

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, telehealth has quickly become a reliable alternative for patients to get the care they need without physically being in a doctor’s office. There are certainly some downsides to this type of care; however, there are many great benefits that both dentists and patients can expect.

Not only does it make it possible for individuals who live in areas that lack accessible dental care, but it also cuts down on the time spent traveling to and from dental appointments for consultations that can be easily addressed without the patient being physically in the office.

The Popularity of Membership Plans

Although many patients still rely on traditional dental insurance to help pay for the cost of dental care, a large percentage (about 69%) still choose not to pursue regular oral healthcare because of the price. Being unable to afford high-quality dental treatment causes individuals to experience severe dental decay and damage that can remain neglected for years.

However, as more and more dentists begin to offer in-house membership plans, it is believed they will become a more prominent and popular option. Although each is different, many operate using a similar model that includes a patient agreeing to pay a monthly or yearly rate for access to preventive services and discounts on other available treatments offered in-house.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

While AI is often an iffy subject for many individuals, it cannot be denied that the introduction of it into society is becoming more and more prominent. When it comes to dentistry, though, AI is likely to make treatment more convenient, accurate, and efficient.

Dentists are likely to see AI used to assist in the reviewing of digital images and scans (i.e., X-rays) so that various diagnoses, restorations, and orthodontic treatment options (i.e., clear aligners) are more accurately portrayed to patients.

Through this process, dentists will be able to offer more comprehensive treatment options that minimize the number of times an individual must return for care.

When it comes to oral health, there are many interesting and exciting things to come. But even with all of the advancements that are likely to emerge in the next decade, most dentists will continue to prioritize personalization while continuing to build lasting relationships with patients.

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