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Veneers or Lumineers: Which Should You Get?

July 20, 2022

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Before and after of porcelain veneers

If you’ve looked into cosmetic dentistry, you may have heard of porcelain veneers. Dentists often recommend them for their ability to address various dental imperfections. However, you may not know how they stack up against Lumineers. After all, the latter can supposedly do the same sorts of things as veneers. That said, which would be the ideal treatment for your smile? Well, your New Bedford dentist can help you solve that dilemma. Read on to learn the unique strengths and weaknesses of porcelain veneers and Lumineers.

Porcelain Veneers

If you don’t already know, veneers are thin layers of porcelain placed onto the front surface of teeth. Dentists use them to correct smile flaws like tooth chips, cracks, fractures, and stains. Given these facts, they tend to have the following features:


Compared to Lumineers, veneers make teeth whiter and straighter. As customized porcelain shells, they seamlessly blend with surrounding teeth to the point that they’re hardly noticeable.

Furthermore, they have a fairly long lifespan. When well-maintained, veneers can last 20 years or even longer.


On the other hand, veneers have a more involved preparation and application. For example, preparing your teeth for them takes two appointments and involves some enamel removal. In total, the treatment can take weeks. The bonding procedure is also permanent, so there’s no “turning back” after getting them so-to-speak.

Veneers’ porcelain material makes them more expensive than alternatives too. Depending on your insurance coverage, that fact can be pretty significant.


Lumineers are essentially “no-prep” veneers made of ‘ultra-thin’ laminate. Due to using the latter material, they have the below qualities.


One thing to like about Lumineers is that they take less preparation. Unlike regular veneers, they don’t require your dentist to trim any tooth enamel. Instead, they only need an impression or mold.

Another benefit is that the treatment is reversible. In other words, your dentist can have them quickly removed if necessary.

Plus, Lumineers tend to be a bit less expensive than veneers. Keep in mind, though, that insurance won’t cover them most of the time.


Most agree that Lumineers don’t last as long as veneers. While their manufacturer claims they can have a lifespan of 20 years, many other sources say that they only ever last up to 10 years.

Lumineers aren’t as effective at hiding stained or damaged surfaces either. In fact, their translucence makes them a poor choice for people with severely discolored teeth.

Whether you choose one treatment or the other, talk to your dentist first. They can help you learn which procedure would best fit your needs and lifestyle.

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